Office of College Advancement


Keeping highly attuned with the direction and priorities of the college and the community, the Office of Equity and Advancement works to identify and secure resources to support student success. Working closely with faculty, staff, and community partners, the Office of College Advancement encourages and facilitates innovation and continuous improvement of LMC's program and services.


Our Programs and Services:


Grants Development and Services

We provide assistance to faculty and staff in obtaining grant funding for proposals which advance the mission, vision and strategic goals of the the college. We provide the campus with information about public and private funding opportunities, facilitate the development and submission of quality proposals, and assist with the management of funded proposals. For more information visit the Grants Development and Services web page.

The LMC Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization, provides the community with opportunities to invest in LMC through various tax-deductible programs such as Annual Giving, LMC's Alumni Association, Student Scholarships, Planned Giving, and Special Events. Visit the links below for more information:

Professional Learning

The Office of College Advancement coordinates professional learning for Los Medanos College staff and faculty. Go to Professional Learning for more information. It also serves as a liaison with the CCCC District Staff Development program. The scheduling, review and approval, and documentation of all Flex activities is coordinated by the Office of College Advancement. Training opportunities and additional information can be found at: /profdev/flexinfo.asp


Contract Ed and Community Services

We contract with business, industry and government agencies to provide specialized courses and training which enhance employee skills, promote the economic development of the community, and create effective collaborative partnerships.  For more information, contact Ruth Goodin in the the Office of College Advancement at (925) 473-7314 or email