Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE)

CWEE offers THREE courses to connect your college education to your career. 

Students must have a current work experience to be elligible for a CWEE Course.

- General Work Experience

For students whose current job/volunteer work does not relate to their academic and/or career goal. (Course is COOP-160)


- Occupational Work Experience

 For students whose current job/volunteer work relates to their academic and/or career goal.

(Course is listed in the discipline, Ex, BUS 170)


- Occupational Work Experience Internship

For students working in a paid/unpaid internship that relates to their academic and/or career goal. (Course is listed in the discipline, Ex. JOURN-180) 

Minimum Hours Required to enroll in CWEE:


 Looking for a job or internship opportunities, visit College Central.

Units Per Paid Hours Worked

1 unit = 75 hours total

2 units = 150 hours total

3 units = 225 hours total

4 units = 300 hours total

 Units Per Volunteer Hours Worked

1 unit = 60 hours total

2 units = 120 hours total

3 units = 180 hours total

4 units = 240 hours total

Students may earn a maximum of 16 units of occupational work experience internship during community college attendance which may be applied as electives toward graduation.  12 units are transferable to CSU.

*COOP-170 and COOP-180 courses are listed in the schedule by subject – Administration of Justice: ADJUS-170, Business: BUS-170, Process Technology: PTEC-180, etc.

Note: Opportunities for Internships vary greatly between departments and are not available in all disciplines. Consult with your instructor or visit to learn more about internship opportunities in your chosen field.    



Chris Franzel, an intern at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission shares his experience. Video property of BAYWORK

Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) is a course where the student, employer, and college faculty work together to combine academic study and the student's current work experience*. CWEE students may earn up to 4 units per semester while developing marketable career skills. Please read below to see which CWEE class is right for you.