LMC Equity & Inclusion

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Equity & Inclusion is committed to:

  • Achieving equitable success for all students,
  • Providing a diverse and equitable academic and cultural environment for all members of the Los Medanos campus community,
  • Institutionalizing equity throughout the college

Support & Resources 

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Equity & Inclusion Resources for students sand staff. Immigration, Safe Space, Discrimination.CA Dreamers


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Basic Needs

LMC Committees involved with direct action for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion




Our District Supports you

Resolution 1-S , this image displays the Equity work shared across our 3 college district. There are arrticles below that document the Sanctuary discussions that took place at the Governing Board meetings, CCCCD.

 2017 RESPECT Campaign

IMPACT Student Leadership Conference

a community of respect


LMC will continue support DACA Students

DACA LMC supports your right to education

You are not alone, LMC supports you, our district supports you and the state of CA supports you.


Are we Sanctuary?

Board Resolution 1-S

Learn more about the Board Resolution 1-S that was passed on January 11, 2017


The East Bay Times published an article on the resolution that began at the last December board meeting.


In the District becomes sanctuary article, the LMC Experience newspaper covers the results of the January 11th meeting.


in response to recent events in charlottesville


Read a statement from our Chancellor Fred Wood.



 Past Events

 Equity Speaker Series - Brian Quijada expresses his personal identity story through hip hop and samples as he performs his monolgue. More Equity focused events are listed below.


Queer Comedy Showcase


Little Theater-LMC

6pm reception, 7pm show 

Join LMC for an evening of community, laughter and awareness through LMC’s Queer Comedy Showcase. Find out more

2017 DVC Dreamers Conference


Saturday, October 21, 2017


DVC will be hosting a FREE district-wide conference for undocumented high school and college students, parents, educators, and their allies to learn about the opportunities and resources available. To register and find out more visit: www.dvc.edu/dreamers
La traducción al español está disponible en línea


José M. Hernández

IMPACT Student Leadership Conference


How this son of migrant farm workers became an astronaut - CNN Money


LMC and UC Berkeley Presents: Achieve UC: Find your space in CollegeAstronaut José M. Hernández  is a MESA Alum and will speak about his experiences as a first generation college student from Stockton. Engage UC campus reps will be here to talk about the current application processes. 

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