LMC Web Support

 A new website and CMS is coming soon!

Students holding a smart phone showing the new respnsive website

After many years of using Adobe Contribute it's time to say goodbye!

LMC is moving to a new content management system by the name of OmniUpdate!


  • Faster editing experience
  • Edit from any location on or off campus
  • Allows us to upgrade to a mobile friendly website
  • OmniUpdate is the leading content management program in higher education.


During the cleanup of the migrated content each site editor will be contacted individually to review their material for accuracy.  When we have mostly green highlighted areas we will be able to go live.


The web admin will be conducting individualized training for each individual on the new system as we work our way through the site.

Help videos are being created to help orient you to the new system. 

Please contact Eloine Chapman for more information.