Flex Information

The Equity and Inclusion Ofice coordinates professional learning (including Flex) activities through PDAC and the Local Planning Group (LPG) for Flex. Both groups are comprised of Faculty, Managers, and Classified Staff who review and approve all professional learning and Flex credit-eligible activities prior to implementation.

SP18 Flex Schedule(click to view) Note: There have been changes to the schedule since this version was published in December. Please check the District's registration site for the most up-to-date schedule.

If you miss the SP18 Flex proposal deadline,You may submit a request for later in the semester after Flex week by using the Variable Flex proposal link below.

To Schedule a room for your workshop on 25Live, click here for instructions: Process for Event Scheduling-2017

Important Note: You must be logged in to 25Live to reserve a room. Make sure you are not in "practice mode". Please contact Grace Villegas for additional help with 25Live at gvillegas@losmedanos.edu

Please visit the links below to submit a Variable Flex request or a Special Project activity.

Other opportunities are available throughout the semester. Check the registration link for more information.

Sign-in Sheet Template - Workshop Presenters: Have workshop participants sign-in at the activity. This sheet is used along with the required on-line registration names to verify attendance for Flex credit. Turn in the sheet to Mary Oleson after the activity.


Workshop Registration on District Site:

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Click START to complete Variable Flex form

    • https://moleson/wufoo.com/forms/z1jrxf871scp95j
    • Variable Flex - Instructions for Facilitators as of 7-20-16
    • Special Projects Form: Use this form if you would like to attend an activity off campus or attend or complete a special activity or project and would like to receive Variable (maximum 10 credits per academic year) Flex credit for it. Complete the on-line form at the link and it will be sent to the Dean for their review and approval. The form will be returned to you by your Dean for you to attach to your final report which the Dean will sign off on and again return to you. You will attach the approved form to your Faculty Agreement form at the end of the Academic Year (Full-time faculty) and at the end of each semester (Adjunct Faculty)

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State Chancellor's Office Guidelines for the Flexible Calendar:




Local Planning Group for Flex (LPG) Membership Roster -

meets 4th thursdays, 4 - 5 p.m. in CO-420


  • Faculty (Assigned by Academic Senate)

  • Erlinda Jones, Child Development Faculty

    Janice Townsend, Child Development Faculty, Equity Professional Learning Facilitator

  • Joshua Bearden, GE Chair/Social Science Faculty/LPG Chair

  • Managers (Assigned by President)

    Robin Armour, Director, Admissions and Records

    Sabrina T Kwist, Dean, Equity and Inclusion

  • Sharon Goldfarb, Dean, Nursing
  • Vacant

    Carla Rosas, 3SP Director

    Dave Wahl, Workforce Development Program Manager

  • Student(s): Marco McMullen, LMCAS


  • Staff:

    Courtney Diputado, Educational Technology (including D2L)

    Mary Oleson, Program Coordinator

    Tess Caldwell, Equity Professional Learning Facilitator

  • Hannah Tatmon, General Office Clerk (Hourly)



Note: Faculty and Manager PDAC and LPG's members overlap, with three (3) additional faculty added to LPG per the UF Contract language. The committees' meetings are scheduled on the same dates, with separate agendas, and the LPG meeting occurs immediately following the PDAC meeting.



contact us:

For questions regarding Professional Learning and/or Flex, please contact:

Local Planning Group for Flex Chair, 2017-18: Vacant

Equity and Inclusion Office:

Sabrina T. Kwist, Dean of Equity and Inclusion

Mary Oleson, moleson@losmedanos.edu, Professional Development Coordinator/PDAC Co-Chair, (ext 37316)