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About Us


Katherine AndersonRachel Anicetti, Interim Director

Rachel is the Coordinator of Transfer Services, and the Coordinator of the Transfer Academy learning community. Rachel is proud to be born and raised in The Bay. She earned her bachelor’s degree in History and Education from University of California, Santa Cruz, and her master’s degree in Social Work from CSU East Bay. Rachel holds a strong passion for educational equity and justice, and has worked for non-profits like Citizen Schools, Huckleberry Youth Programs, Canal Alliance, and the Youth Services Bureau- specifically in areas of access to higher education, mental health, and access to higher education for undocumented students.


Lisa AngDavid Reyes, Transfer Academy Counselor

David is the Transfer Counselor at Los Medanos College, and is available to meet with students in the Transfer Academy, as well as all LMC students whoare overallinterested in transferring. David received his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from UC San Diego, and his Master’s Degree in College Counseling from San Francisco State University. David has worked in various roles in the education field, and is happy to have found his home here at LMC, as he greatly enjoys serving as a resource and supporting students through their transfer and educational journeys.




Kristen Freeman, Career Counselor

Kristen Freeman is the Career Counselor at Los Medanos College. With over 10 years’ experience in career development, life planning, and coaching, Kristen enjoys assisting students align academic goals with a meaningful career path. Kristen earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications from U.C. Santa Barbara, a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University, and is a nationally certified Life/Career Coach.



Danna Tejada, Program Coordinator Lisa Ang

Danna is the Employment and Transfer Services Program Coordinator at Los Medanos College. Danna was born and raised in Cali, Colombia. Previously, she worked at Cuesta College for 12 years for many departments including Transfer Center, Admissions and Records, English as a Second Language, and Student Support and Services Programs. Danna earned her Master in Art in Education with an emphasis in Student Affairs and Higher Education Counseling from California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo, and an Associate in Arts in Transfer Studies from Cuesta College. Danna has a strong passion to help student transfer to 4-year universities. She has worked with Foster Youth, Undocumented students, Veterans, students with disabilities, and incarcerated student population in order to help them have access to higher education because she believes that education is very important!



Yaritzy Alvarez, Student Ambassador Greg Brown

Yaritzy is currently a third year student currently majoring in psychology and hopes to transfer with an AA-T to CSU Fullerton, UC San Diego, and San Diego State in Fall 2018. She hopes to get a degree in children psychology and help those who have mental illnesses. Yaritzy was born in Mexico and came to the United States when she was a year old. As a first generation college student Yaritzy has overcome multiple obstacles. Yaritzy is currently a student ambassador for Transfer and Career Services, as well as for the outreach department, and is part of the Transfer Academy. During her free time Yaritzy likes to hang out with family and friends, go to baseball games, she coaches a children’s water polo team, and volunteers in her community during holidays. 

Fernando Hidalgo-Chinchilla, Student Ambassador Greg Brown

Fernando Hidalgo-Chinchilla is a Psychology major. He'll be transferring to East Bay University on spring of 2018.  Fernando's been working as a student ambassador for almost two years, and loves how he's able to interact and help students in any way possible. He'll be more than happy to help.


"if you see me working, don't be afraid, come to the 4th-floor and ask me for help." - Fernando



Kalen Jotojot, Student Ambassador Greg Brown

Kalen Jotojot is a kinesiology major here at Los Medanos College and plans to transfer to CSULA. After he receives his bachelor degree in Exercise Science he hopes to become a strength and conditioning coach with his own facility. What got Kalen into kinesiology is his love for barbell training and now he is a competitive weightlifter. He hopes to give the life lessons he has learned in the gym to others while building their confidence and physical skills.

On the side Kalen enjoys traveling, making videos and meeting new people. Kalen is a big people person.

After having a revoked admissions, Kalen took the opportunity to attend community college to take the time to learn about himself and his true passions. While being in community college, Kalen has gotten to take opprutinites of transfer academy and college tours. This has given him a community to network and build relationships with.

Despite some road bumps along the way, Kalen is determined to reach his goals and leave a positive impact on the world around him.




Jose Gonzalez, Student AmbassadorLisa Ang

Jose is currently a Sophomore at Los Medanos College, hoping to transfer to UCB or Cal Poly and receive a degree in Computer Science by 2019. He is fascinated by business and technology. Jose's interest in technology, started back when he was twelve, and led him to create his own computer, start a C.S. club at Los Medanos, participate in conventions, and more! Apart from this, Jose enjoys helping others, which is why he became a Student Ambassador; It has given him the opportunity to assist students with any questions or concerns they might have transfer or career related, to the best of his ability, and it has helped him throughout his own journey as well.



Greg Brown

Donny Lewis, Student Ambassador

Donny is currently majoring in English and plans to eventually become an attorney. He is also an Umoja Scholar and a member of a nonprofit youth empowerment organization called One Day at a Time. As of right now he plans to transfer to UC Davis but still considers himself undecided due to the fact that he is constantly researching and visiting other campuses. “I am a student ambassador because I consider myself to be the voice of students who intend to make a dramatic change for the better, by this I mean the students who go from a 1.5 gpa to a 4.0 gpa instead of giving up”.





Steve BuddLainey Martinez, Student Ambassador

Lainey is in her third year at LMC as a Psychology major. She plans to transfer to UC San Diego in fall 2018 with an AA-T in Psychology. She is a Student Ambassador for Transfer and Career Services and the Outreach department so feel free to ask her any information about LMC. Also, she is part of Transfer Academy and is happy to help students regarding the transferring process! Lainey enjoys spending time with family and friends on her free time.

Steve Budd

Jonny Rodriguez, Student Ambassador

Jonny is a Kinesiology major and plans to transfer to San Diego State University. After he gets his bachelors in kinesiology, he hopes to get into a Doctoral program for physical therapy. What got Jonny interested in physical therapy was that he enjoys helping others and giving back to the community for making it possible for him to be where he is today. As well as Jonny really enjoy sports, promoting healthy living habits, and is a very hands on person. Along the way, he hopes to continue to live out his joy for playing volleyball and for a healthy athletic lifestyle. Making the choice to come to a community college has allowed him to grow a lot more than he ever thought. Jonny took the opportunity of joining a few learning communities like; Transfer Academy and Puente. Which gave him a great kick off to his first year of college and he was able to grow his network and resources for his future college years to come. Jonny is set on his career and academic goals and dreams, and plan to do whatever it takes to get there no matter how long it takes.




Diana Sanchez, Student Ambassador


Diana Sanchez is in her third year at LMC as a nursing major with hopes of transferring, to Dominican University, by Fall 2018. She is a part of Transfer Academy and an officer for the club AGS. She enjoys volunteering and helping others when they need assistance. At home she is in charge of making her family laugh, along mentoring her younger siblings and their friends on the future ahead of them. She is highly interested in learning about different cultures, as well as the languages of different countries.


Gisela Solis, Student AmbassadorPhoto

Gisela is a Biological Science Major here at LMC and she is  planning on transferring to UC Santa Barbara in the Fall of 2018. On campus she is part of Transfer Academy, MESA, in addition to being a Student Ambassador. 

Jack Stehn, Student AmbassadorGreg Brown

Jack Stehn worked as a professional singer, a professional dancer, a computer repair specialist, and a salesman before coming to Los Medanos College to study his passion: Mathematics! He'll transfer to a university in the Bay Area and hopes to work in the field of data science upon graduation. Outside of that, he spends much of his time working as a board member for a queer non-profit based in San Francisco and teaching others the magic of math!


Greg Brown

Amani Taylor, Student Ambassador


Brianne Visaya, Student Ambassador

Brianne is a civil and environmental engineering major hoping to transfer to Stanford or Cal. She is a member of theHonors Program, MESA, AGS, and Circle K International. Through these educational communities, Brianne was able to present independent research at UC Berkeley, Stanford, and a CCURI (Community College Undergraduate Research Initiative) Conference in Nashville. She has interned with the California Academy of Sciences, NASA, the City of Antioch & CalRecycle, and, currently, the City of Pittsburg in the Engineering department. When she's not busy with school and internships, she loves to volunteer at the USS Hornet restoring air crafts, hiking, mushroom hunting, and travelling!










Mission Statement and Student Learning Outcomes

The mission of LMC Transfer Services is to provide comprehensive services and resources to students to enhance awareness of and access to transfer information and processes, increasing their ability to transfer from LMC to four-year colleges/universities.


As a result of the student's experience with this service,
the following outcomes will be achieved:


Students who participate in an application workshop will:

  • Increase their knowledge of the university (CSU/UC/Private) transfer admissions application process.
  • Be able to define the minimum eligibility requirements for transfer to the UC and CSU systems.

Students who participate in university tours will:

  • Increase their knowledge of the application process, their major and the campus culture of the universities they visit.
  • Be able to make a decision about whether or not to apply to the universities they visit.