Mustangs win big with tie for conference lead

PITTSBURG: LMC’s Mustang football has certainly developed into a team to watch. Under the guidance of 3-year coach and LMC alum, Chris Shipe, the team’s performance has improved dramatically in the past few years. Three years ago, the team ended it’s season with a 1-4 game record. This year, they closed out with a 4 win-1 loss conference record, 7-4 overall to share the title of Bay Valley Conference (BVC) co-champions with Contra Costa College and Shasta College (in a three-way tie).  

Oh, and then there’s the BVC Coach of the Year award winner, LMC Football Coach Chris Shipe. He’s been working incredibly hard to cultivate a strong team worthy of greatness, realizing significant accomplishments during his brief tenure at the helm. Coach Shipe explained, “I was definitely pleased with our season this year.  Our players worked very hard to accomplish the goals we set for 2013.” 

Shawn Vasquez

The Mustangs team had depth like nobody’s business for this year. Sophomore Shawn Vasquez showed his strength early in the season, staying as the lead in rushing until the bitter end. The Liberty High alum also earned 2nd place in both scoring and as an “all-purpose” player.  Coach Shipe commented, “Shawn did an outstanding job for us.  His hard work, dedication and his leadership was a big part of our success as a team and his success as a player.” 

Two Pittsburg High alums came up top in returns: 1st - freshman Jamal Lockett and 2nd - sophomore Miles Walker, while Markie Beltram, a freshman from Antioch High, came in 2nd in defense. With a number of stellar players in their freshman year, the team will be something to watch as their 2014 season begins next year.